Motion & Performance Capture

One of the silver linings of staying home in 2020 was configuring my home studio for remote motion capture and broadcast quality audio recording.

Terry Notary’s workshop provided custom arm-extensions to help free my inner monkey.  XSENS, Manus and Standard Deviation rigged my body, face and hands for high resolution data.  Myriad brilliant animators and creative geniuses — including Damian Gordon, Shazzy Gustafson-Angulo, Fred Junqueira — got me on track with Unreal Engine and the delightful virtual production community.

The amazing Victoria Atkin has been my chief coach in the MoCap and P-Cap realm through this time, curating the best directors and body-based performers into my practice.

Above is a sample from a PSA for Born Free USA, and to the right are a few of my tutorials on the art and science of being a primate or other quadruped.  (Note that you can maximize the tiny video windows.)

QuadruPaws: Manus Prime II XSENS for Quadruped Finger Articulation

XSENS Webinar: Capture, Stream & Retarget Primate Data

Manus Prime II XSENS Gloves E2E out-of-box experience

Standard Deviation HMC + iPhone 12 mini out-of-box experience

Broadcast Quality Home Studio

Voice Acting

  • Sound Booth (-80dB noise floor)
  • Sennheiser MKH-416
  • Apollo Twin X Quad Interface
  • Apple Logic Pro
  • Source-Connect Pro

Motion & Performance Capture

  • 1,000 sq. ft. Volume
  • XSENS Link Suit & MVN Pro
  • Manus Prime II Gloves
  • Standard Deviation Helmet
  • HTC Vive Trackers
  • Unreal Engine Live Link

Self-Tape Setup Guidelines (PDF)

Sample Movement Data