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Motion & Performance Capture

One of the silver linings of the Covid19 pandemic was configuring our home studio for remote motion capture and broadcast quality audio recording.

“Belonging” is a journey into the emotional lives of MetaHumans. 10 episodes. 10 directors. 25 MetaHumans. 3 performance capture actors. 3 voice actors. 1 Epic Unreal Engine. Lots of love.  More info …


Terry Notary’s workshop provided custom arm-extensions to help free my inner monkey.  XSENS, Manus and Standard Deviation rigged my body, face and hands for high resolution data.  Myriad brilliant animators and creative geniuses — including Damian Gordon, Shazzy Gustafson-Angulo, Fred Junqueira — got me on track with Unreal Engine and the delightful virtual production community.

The amazing Victoria Atkin has been my chief coach in the MoCap and P-Cap realm through this time, curating the best directors and body-based performers into my practice.

Above is a sample from a PSA for Born Free USA, and to the right are a few of my tutorials on the art and science of being a primate or other quadruped.  (Note that you can maximize the tiny video windows.)

QuadruPaws: Manus Prime II XSENS for Quadruped Finger Articulation

XSENS Webinar: Capture, Stream & Retarget Primate Data

Manus Prime II XSENS Gloves E2E out-of-box experience

Standard Deviation HMC + iPhone 12 mini out-of-box experience

Broadcast Quality Home Studio

Voice Acting

  • Sound Booth (-80dB noise floor)
  • Sennheiser MKH-416
  • Apollo Twin X Quad Interface
  • Apple Logic Pro
  • Source-Connect Pro

Motion & Performance Capture

  • 1,000 sq. ft. Volume
  • XSENS Link Suit & MVN Pro
  • Manus Prime II Gloves
  • Standard Deviation Helmet
  • HTC Vive Trackers
  • Unreal Engine Live Link

Self-Tape Setup Guidelines (PDF)

Sample Movement Data