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Embodied Imagination

I’m a physical performer — classically trained in Shakespeare, vocal arias, Ballet, Modern, Jazz dance and improvisation.

After raising two kids adopted from China and building multiple successful tech businesses, I returned to my roots in the performing arts. In acting conservatory, I’ve been studying with Carol Hickey to shed all the extra stuff that gets in the way of simply being authentically present as a human (or other) being.

Download Latest 8×10 Acting Resume (PDF)

Download Your Favorite 8×10 Headshots (JPEG)

Special Skills

Primate movement for performance capture, voice (baritone), bass guitar, stunt (stage fighting, tumbling, aerial harness & wire, firearms license), dance (ballet, modern, tap), driving (std. transmission cars, trucks, motorcycles), great with animals.

Theatrical Demo

Capturing new content under quarantine has been a fun challenge. We’ve warmed up to intimacy and human connection over Zoom and continue perfecting virtual production techniques. Latest theatrical reel above, featuring clips from Yellowstone prequel 1883, Belonging, The HyperWatt Conspiracy, and more.

To the right are a few clips from some self-tape scenes, experimentally contextualized.  (Note that you can maximize the tiny video windows.)

Action Reel

Working with professional stunt coordinators is the best.


Commercial Hero

On camera as in life, Bear presents with professional confidence & warmth; a natural leader and decision maker.


Annie Hall

“I used to be a heroin addict.  Now I’m a methadone addict.”  A precocious start.


Broadcast Quality Home Studio

Voice Acting

  • Sound Booth (-80dB noise floor)
  • Sennheiser MKH-416
  • Apollo Twin X Quad Interface
  • Apple Logic Pro
  • Source-Connect Pro

Motion & Performance Capture

  • 1,000 sq. ft. Volume
  • XSENS Link Suit & MVN Pro
  • Manus Prime II Gloves
  • Standard Deviation Helmet
  • HTC Vive Trackers
  • Unreal Engine Live Link

Self-Tape Setup Guidelines (PDF)

Sample Movement Data