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Eric Justin Gould Bear - Theatrical Headshot
Eric Justin Gould Bear - Commercial Headshot
Eric Justin Gould Bear - Lifestyle Headshot

Realm Bender

Eric Bear was born on August 24, 1968 in New York City as Eric Justin Gould. He is an actor, known for Annie Hall (1977) and Figures of Speech (2000).

Before returning to filmmaking in 2017, he was an entrepreneur known for creating award-winning interactive media. The Matrix (1999) popularized his 1994 invention of seamless video expansion by enabling DVD viewers to “follow the white rabbit” to access behind the scenes footage.  Other of his 100+ patents include body-based solutions to motion sickness in virtual reality.

His patented inventions can now be found on most Blu-ray titles and are licensed by all major studios in the USA, including Paramount Pictures, Walt Disney Pictures, Twentieth Century Fox, Warner Bros., Lionsgate, Universal Pictures and Sony.

Duck Huntin’ in Eurydice.  Shot this on a dare from a studio exec.


The kid that fuels my fearlessness (circa 1986)


Fighting fit from training for HyperWatt Conspiracy.